Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Pictures from when I won my Harley!!!

Remember when, a few Friday's ago, I won a Harley? Well, today I got the pictures from work. So, ladies and gentlemen who have not yet seen nor heard my Harley, here is living proof that I now own one. Behold, and feast your eyes on the sheer excitement and stunning spontaneity of a moment of good fortune in the life of a humble web developer.

There she stands - like a dream that is only barely tangible.

Here, the owner of the company begins to draw names from the "Great Cooler of Glorious Fate"...

Jubilant employees cheer those who have had their names called.

In this picture, it's down to me and maybe four others. You can see from my face, that I'm nervous. I'm beginning to realize that this might actually happen.

Oh, boy.... the two finalists. I could do little more than nervously laugh at the implications of my situation.

"Barry Cann!" And then the throngs of employees went wild with applause... Awesome!


Posing on the bike. Dang... I look pretty good, no? ; )

The transfer of ownership. Ahh.... I still can't believe it.



  1. You are one lucky son of a gun!

    Now blog about the tiny one...aka the kitten

  2. wowzers. congrats! that is awesomeness.

  3. i must say that is a pretty freakin cool bike. And i am not even a fan of death traps, i mean motorcycles. (it's easy to spot a mother).

  4. You da bomb! Looks like the dress code is always Casual Friday!

  5. Barry, picture this...
    you quit your job
    you learn to ride the bike
    you "easy rider" it down to Torreon....
    You write a book
    they make a movie...
    How would it be??

  6. Congratulations, Barry! :) I already believed it, but now I can show pictures to Jeff, because he looked at your facebook a while ago and was like "what?! no pictures of the Harley?" he decided you should give it to him. :)