Monday, September 1, 2008

BYU vs University of Northern Iowa

On Saturday, the epic gates of BYU football were once again opened to herald in a new year of hopes, dreams, and visions of perfect conquest. My brother, his wife, Ashlyn, and I arrived at the game a few minutes before kickoff to perfect weather, an almost sold-out stadium, and the near electric crackle of pure college football in the air. Ohhhhh, MAN! That's good stuff!!!!

BYU cruised to a victory over the ... hmm... I don't even know what their mascot is. The purple pirates? It looked like a pirate on their helmets, and they wore purple. Then again, if somebody guessed our team mascot by the same standards, they'd call us the "Navy Y's". Blech.

Ohh! I just looked it up. It's the panthers! Man, I was WAY off! (Guess the movie. Clue: Samsonite.)

(Their website sucks, by the way! Check it out here)

Enjoy the photos.


College football is HERE!!!

Steve and Ashlynn (I've spelled it with one n and two n's because I'm not sure which it is. I know, I'm an awful brother in law.)

The band and the "women of the flag."

Team Captains

The team rushes the field! Yeeagghh!!

With a nifty little blur technique (which I'll write a post about if you'd like) I make them look like tiny people rushing a tiny field.

Fans enjoy some cloud cover, while Timp looms in the background.

Dennis Pitta makes one of his many catches. He currently leads the nation in receiving yards.

The guys, at half-time. (Dad, Tyler, Me, Steve)

Fans watch as players exit the locker room for the second half.

The return team prepares for kickoff. The sun had just come out and was casting some really nice light on the field.

Oh, how I envy you Mr. Professional Sports Photography Man.

Max Hall drops back in the pocket.

And Dennis Pitta once again with one of his many receptions. That man is a PLAYMAKER!!


  1. it was actually the Panthers. just so you know.

  2. The correct name for "the women of the flag" is actually "Flaggots". Webster defines flaggots as "female marching band members who are too cute to wear the actual marching band uniforms. These attractive females are armed with makeup, glitter, tight and gaudy outfits, bad choreography, and javelins with flags on the end. (This makes them slightly scary.) The flaggots' purpose is to keep people watching the marching band even though the music is terrible and no one knows what the picture is that the band members are making on the field. Because of their beauty, flaggots are an essential part of keeping marching bands on the map."

    ....I might have paraphrased that definition a little bit....