Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Kittens

A few months or so ago, my brother in law, Andrew, rescued a little kitten from under a car in the mechanic's shop where he works. Apparently, the tiny thing was perched up on the axle of the car, shivering from fright, and covered in grease. Who knows how long it traveled up there! I can't imagine the horrific journey the poor thing had, but nonetheless, this kitten had no home. Andrew and Shannon already have two grown cats of their own, and they decided that adding a new kitten to the group would be too stressful. So, with some deliberation, it was decided that the kitten would be brought here to stay till they decided what to do with it.

After a few weeks, it became obvious that the kitten would stay. We had all become quite enamored with this new, playful little creature.

However, it became apparent that the creature would forever mercilessly attack our hands without another little creature to keep it company.

So, we got another kitten.

And let me tell you, folks. Kittens are SO much better in pairs for two reasons: they keep each other company, leaving you to enjoy their lovable, cuddly side, without the downside of the crazy, pent-up-energy that a lonely kitten has after a day of sitting alone at home. It's like living in an episode of "Nature" where the bears are always cuddly, and less like "When Good Bears go Bad: 3!"

Anyway, we now have two happy little kittens with us. Shannon has been begging me to take pictures... and I've finally crumbled to the pressure. I figure since they're at the vet now (getting spayed and de-clawed) it's a better time than any to put up some pics.

By the way, I HATE HATE HATE the harsh light that the pop-up flash on my camera offers. You'll notice that the pictures were taken in a tidy little window of natural, wonderful sunlight. Keeping playful animals in that window of light, though, proved very difficult. Nonetheless, I think I shot some keepers.

This is ... well, we don't really have a name for her. We call her "Little".
She's the newest addition. The kitten Andrew rescued is...

...right here. Her name is "Beans."
I'm not sure why we chose that name, but we like it.

Little girl likes to sniff stuff. Most cats do.

Beans likes to stare intently at things...
probably wondering if it's edible and/or something that should be chased.

"Owww!" Actually, little girl wasn't hurt or anything, but it looks like a pretty good slap.

"Whoa, timeout." "I think Barry's camera has a fun looking dangly strap."

Love the paws. (This one used a flash)




  1. Thank you Barry! I love those little babies!!! Have fun on your trip and see you when you get home!

  2. Awww! What cute kitties! I really wish that I wasn't allergic to them. :(

  3. What sweet kitties! It's always nice to hear a heroic story.

  4. Barry, I am really jealous of you now. :( I wish I could have a cat or two. Some day! They look so cute and like a lot of fun. :)

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  6. Barry, the text you posted under the picture of Bean was as follows...right here. Her name is "Beans."
    I'm not sure why we chose that name, but we like it.
    I'm afraid I have to make a correction. "I'm not sure why SHE chose that name, but we like it. Don't try to take away her freedom of choice. She's a cat not an animal!