Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Snow Fort!

I decided yesterday, as I looked out the window and saw the snow melting, that Tyler and I needed to build a snow fort. With a backyard as big as ours is and ample quantities of perfect packing snow, it's hard to pass up such an opportunity.

We got to work rolling large snowballs and stacking them in a circle. After we had completed the base, we began building the roof from the outside in. I'd never tried this technique and actually feared that the roof would lack structural stability as we built it and that it would collapse before it was complete. The technique, however, actually worked really well, and after a few hours of shoveling, packing, and sculpting, our pretty little snow fort was born.

We posed for the obligatory pictures and actually considered for a moment the possibility of sleeping in our newly built shelter. It was warm enough in there - and large enough, too - that with a tarp underneath and a nice sleeping bag, the night would have passed without too much discomfort. Thoughts of the heavy roof entombing us in the night, though, deterred any further contemplation on the subject.

Snow forts are just fun to build. Even if they turn out to have no true utilitarian value.



  1. so awesome...we only had enough snow in nm to build a miniature snowman. sad

  2. Maybe that's my why I don't like the snow...I never do anything fun with it like make forts! I should remedy that...