Thursday, March 26, 2009

Hurricane Photos

These are from last weekend when I went down to visit my grandparents in Hurricane, Utah. I hope you like them!

A scenic picture of the not-so-scenic I-15.

A lighthouse at the south end of Cedar City. Why? I don't know.

This is when I love my zoom lens. This guy was enjoying the warm weather as much as we were.

One of the many cottonwoods near the Virgin River.

Ty hiked with me. As you can see, handsome runs in the family.

This makes me miss warmer weather.

Muddy, yes. But the Virgin River is still very pretty.

There was some old concrete foundation or something on the other side of the river. We didn't want to get our shoes wet, so we passed on the opportunity to explore.

So many tracks! It's too bad most animals out there are nocturnal.

I almost stepped on this poor guy. It's the first Horned Toad I've seen since I was like 8.

The way back looked like a scene out of the Grapes of Wrath. What you see is a fierce dust storm just north of Cedar City.

The most random car dump in all of Utah. About 10 miles south of Nephi. I would love to know the history behind these cars.

Kerse. He's doing his part to decorate America.



  1. Your pictures are also so interesting. The toad one was really cool, as was the dust storm. I laughed at the light house and am very curious about the car dump. Thanks for sharing them. I really enjoy looking at them.

  2. I LOVE the picture of the Horned Toad - that is freaking sweet.

    Also, the car dump thing I noticed that on our way back from St. George...I wonder too..

    Nice Work

  3. Ty looks so big and handsome! And those old cars are so cool!!! Let's go down and do a photo shoot there!!!

  4. I agree, Shan. Let's go do a photo shoot out at the cars sometime.

  5. Barry, you have mad skills! And yes, handsome does run in the family.