Saturday, April 4, 2009

Games with the Draneys

Last night we went up to the Layton/Clearfield area - a desolate land just a few miles south of the North Pole - to visit our friends, Brandi and Levi Draney. We've tried, time and again, to convince them that they need to move a little closer to the rest of us, but they have a nice home up there and it's really close to where Levi works.

As is usually the case when we get together with friends, games were an integral part of the night. We played a newer game called Who, What, Where? that is just hilarious. It requires you to draw three cards: a who (for example: King Kong), a what (for example: Riding a Bucking Bronco), and a where (for example: In a Playground). You then have a minute or so to draw your scene and then pass your drawings around the group to guess what each person's scene depicts. We cracked up when one friend (who will remain unnamed) drew what looked like a cat person with a sword, which, as it turned out, was supposed to be Chewbacca from Star Wars. If you like laughing, I seriously recommend you get this game.

After a break for ice cream, we played rock band. Always fun. :)

The smiling hosts of the party, Brandi and Levi.

Justin smiles confidently as the timer runs out.

Steve and Cori discuss paper folding techniques.

Katt takes her band responsibilities seriously, while justin takes a more laid back attitude at the mic.

I get a little too into it...


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  1. Hmmm, it actually looks like the timer is no where close to running out! Maybe I'd forfeited at that point already based on having to draw Yoda "the cat man" again. At least I knew enough to draw a lightsaber instead of a medieval sword like that held by Cori's Chewbacca (by the way, Cori, he uses a pistol anyway!)