Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Once Again...

I'm in California right now.  

It's so fun to say that.  :)  I was recently in southern California, and am now in Merced, which lies near the center of the state.  A previous roommate of mine, Mike, came out to visit his parents for a week and invited me to tag along.  Gas is relatively cheap to what it was a year or so ago, so I figured I'd enjoy another foray into the golden state.  

We spent the last two days in the Monterrey area.  If you've never been, I suggest you go once in your life.  It's a beautiful city, and to the South lies a gorgeous area known as "Big Sur".  Highway 1 runs along the coastline here and treats you to some of the most breathtaking scenery you'll ever enjoy.  I shot the picture at the head of this post on one of the many "pull over" points on the highway.  

I will post more when I get home.  I have a million pictures that I can't wait to show you.



  1. Oh awesome... Big Sur is a pretty popular place. I'm in Fresno (not far from Merced)... Have fun. :)

  2. My brother-in-law is from Merced. You should ask your friend, Mike, if he knows any Wellmans. :)

  3. Wow that is breathtaking. As someone who has never been to California (I'm an east coast, midwestern girl), I am very jealous about all of your recent trips. I'd love to go some day!

  4. i miss you barry- come home! it's nice so let's go hiking!

  5. Thanks for the comment. Your life seems more interesting than mine! That sounds really exciting. And that photo is gorgeous.I love taking pictures of scenery. Im actually going to California this July. I am rather looking forward to it. Especially after reading this. =]

  6. Color me green, with envy. If you get a chance go tp the aquarium.