Friday, May 22, 2009


I want to kill my computer.

I'd get into the details, but it's just a lot of nerd speak about actionscript, gradient masks, and why the hell won't my code work!?


I've double checked things. I've triple checked things. I've gone online and checked my code to what others have written. It should work. There is NOTHING wrong with my code! And yet, for some mind-wrenching reason, flash refuses to do what I've told it to do. It's a damn bug.

What really chaps my ... hide... is that I've been working on this project now for a week, every day going through the same fruitless process, restarting, rewriting, and reimplementing the code. I've downloaded examples that do EXACTLY what I do. The code is the same.

It bothers me to know that this should work, but doesn't.

Damn it.


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  1. I sawy Bar, what can you do? Call your geek friends maybe they can help