Thursday, May 14, 2009

Body Wash > Soap

This is what I use to get clean. When I was younger I used soap, but only because body wash wasn't really mainstream. Here's the thing, though: If you're using soap, you're being had. Body wash gives you a much cleaner, softer, less dry feeling of clean. It's like washing in the crisp, clean waters of a Hawaiian waterfall, as opposed to some crummy, mucky little Irish spring. You get my drift?

Yeah, this is a shameless plug for a product that I use. Am I being paid? No. But I care about you that much. I want you to be clean, healthy, and comfortable... and soap is not the way to get there.

Look at the benefits ol' Mr. St. Ives brings to the table:

Need I say more?

Make the switch.


You can stick with this...



  1. You're such a nut, but I happen to agree with you.

  2. andrew uses body wash too! so much better than soap! unless it's dove- then i love it!

  3. Do you have a loofah too? Is it pink and fluffy? Haha, J/K!

  4. you make me laugh - the fact that you have your bodywash illuminated to look like some God :)

  5. Hmmm, I still like soap. I had an 8th or 9th grade teacher who scared me by saying that the loofah harbors bacteria in it.