Wednesday, September 16, 2009

i Have One!

Ladies and gentlemen...

Friends of the fooze...

I... a proud new owner...

...of an iPHONE!!!!

(Yea, and the angels wept, the dolphins flipped with glee, and the children ne'er spoke ill of their parents again...)

Can I get an AMEN!!


My days with sprint and their customer service from hell... ARE OVER!

The days of owning a phone with the computational capacity of a 1970's calculator ... ARE OVER!

The frustration of fitting only 50 songs into my mp3 player... ARE OVER!

Now begins the age of reason. A time of illumination. An era of app purchases and app development.

But first... phone must charge.



  1. Congratulations my friend, and welcome to the fold! Just don't leave it sitting on top of your car and then go on the freeway.... (ask Katt)... :-)

  2. Hope you manage to keep it charged more often than the old one!
    Have fun!

  3. Congratulations!! (Said with mostly joy for you and a bit of envy.)